Food And Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

We love to cook as a family and host get togethers with friends.

All things food and nutrition related to my lifestyle. We love to cook as a family and host get togethers with friends. Lauren has a knack for concocting sauces, soups, and dressings while I prepare the meats and veggies (grilling is my preferred method). We always make a point to cook together at least 3 nights a week. Lauren finds the recipes, some a little more adventurous and others a little more healthy, depending on what culinary phase we are going through. I love putting on some background music, pouring myself a nice glass of wine, getting Ellie in her high chair and then we get cooking!
It’s a great way to bond, unwind, and try to foods together. In addition to our enthusiasm for cooking we enjoy fine dining and scour cities for the best restaurants, after all sometimes there’s nothing like going out for a good meal and being wined and dined. I’ve also included nutrition in this section because after the birth of our daughter, Lauren and I plan on giving weekly meal prep with a clean eating/paleo focus a try. Check here for recipes, restaurant reviews, and join us on our meal prep/diet overhaul.

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  • Date : January 17, 2017
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